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The third game in the series, Donkey Kong 3, was not a platformer, but it was succeeded by Mario Bros, a platform game that offered two-player simultaneous cooperative play.This title laid the groundwork for other popular two-player cooperative platformers such as Fairyland Story and Bubble Bobble, which in turn influenced many of the single-screen platformers that would follow.Since 2010, a variety of endless running platformers for mobile devices have brought renewed popularity to the genre. Early examples were confined to a static playing field, generally viewed in profile.Space Panic, a 1980 arcade release by Universal, is sometimes credited as being the first platform game, though the distinction is contentious.Games where jumping is automated completely, such as 3D games in The Legend of Zelda series, fall outside of the genre.Platform games originated in the early 1980s, with 3D successors popularized in the mid-1990s.At one point, platform games were the most popular genre of video game.

The term platform game is somewhat ambiguous, particularly when referring to games that predate the widespread, international use of the term.

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Another precursor to the genre released that same year was Nichibutsu's Crazy Climber, which revolved around the concept of climbing buildings.

It introduced Mario, a modern icon of the genre, under the name Jumpman.

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North America, Europe and Japan have played major parts in the genre's evolution.

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