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(Ask Bunny Bound) What I find particularly problemmatical about British censorship is reflected in an experience I had just a few days ago while looking up information about a German movie made a few decades ago.I read that the British censors demanded cuts amounting to about 20 minutes before they would allow the movie to be shown.(And if you wear makeup, it’s important that it be relatively subtle; heavy makeup isn’t appropriate for most offices and will make you look the opposite of professional.) Some people find that using makeup helps them look more polished, or they just feel more pulled together when wearing it.

When I quarrel with someone I like to look at them face-to-face and fight it out! Writing so fast in CAPS does not have the same effect as the real thing (lol, i'm not a trouble maker). *Phone conversation: “You said you were at home, but why is that place not sounding like your house, I know the way your house sounds, where are you???? It doesn't end there, people tend to ask why, why him? I try to get used to turning off the generator by myself, killing mosquito's by myself and changing light bulbs by myself... Sometimes they hang up in the middle of your yelling and you are left staring at your phone and talking to your self like krase pesin. In relationships where you get to see and hold and do all those things that your parents told you leads to carrying of belle, fighting is much more fun. Doing special or just normal everyday things as a couple makes life much more fun. Since trust is major in LDR’s you can understand that there will be a certain level of paranoia, what if they are not true to you? After fighting, you make up, with hugs, kisses and whatever it is you fancy. It’s little things like “Bobo please bring kuli-kuli on your way back home, or help me rub my back e be like say I dey feel pains", "Sisi please make that your vegetable soup for me" that matter in life right? Not that I’ve ever given that advice — because come on, why pass up the opportunity to wear head-to-toe fleece?— but some people do and the analogy works here.) And if you want to, there’s no harm in throwing on some makeup — or, more practically, getting a friend who likes makeup to help you put some on — and seeing if you like it or not.

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