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I'm not sure if it always works like this, but for my tour an American A Foreign Affair representative accompanied the tour.

For the duration of the tour the local AFA office in the city of the tour (Kiev for the tour I took) relocates to a room in the hotel where all the tourists are staying so that there was always someone available to answer questions and provide guidance. they get you there and back, arrange everything, and provide hands-on help and orientation while there. As far as the A Foreign Affair tour goes, you need to temper your expectations with a little cold hard reality...

I had some seriously suspicious correspondence in other parts of Ukraine and Russia that I didn't bother to investigate.

It was largely through these experiences and the stories I heard from friends that I came to so distrust per-per-letter services, including those of A Foreign Affair.

One of the following things are happening in almost every pay-per-letter operation: This is fraudulent, in my opinion, because it is presented as though the parties to the correspondence, the messages, and the motives are all authentic when they really are not by almost any reasonable definition... You receive an email from a foreign dating site where you're registered.

It's clearly presented as though Natalia is real, and sincere, and is communicating with you.If you've never traveled internationally, or if your only foreign travels have been to popular tourism destinations like Cozumel, London, Paris, and/or Rome, then Russia/Ukraine may be a difficult place to visit without some help, and that's where a "hand holding tour" adds value to the mission.You pay one price (** the tour prices posted used to include airfare, but I don't think that's true now), show up at the designated U. airport at the designated time, look for the guy with the "A Foreign Affair Tour" sign at your departure gate, then just follow him the rest of the way.Now if you think I'm being a little overly cynical and paranoid, get this: AFA ADMITS IT!!!That's right, A Foreign Affair ACTUALLY ADMITS that they write letters on behalf of the women! OK, maybe they don't COMPLETELY OPENLY admit it, but they do admit it behind some tricky, weaselly, slimy lawyer-talk... There are two types of letters - the letters in green are replies from women whom you have already written.

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