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Thus, SL is made up of a patchwork of co-created, individually owned and operated sims under the umbrella of Linden Lab, but within which each sim owner can set their own rules and accessibility (Stoup ).A resident who does not own or operate a sim can, thus, access others as they wish, unless they are for private groups, so long as they abide by the individual sims’ ground rules.This paper explores cultural understandings of virtual sexual ageplay in the online world of Second Life.Online sexual ageplay is the virtual simulation of child abuse by consensual adults operating in-world with child computer characters (avatars).This paper will explore the online gameworld of Second Life (SL) to exemplify how people using online games or environments understand, view and respond to sexual ageplay.It is thus beyond the remit of this paper to engage in a moral, research evidence or legal debate about the harmfulness or wrongness of sexual ageplay.Sexual ageplay has been of particular concern within massively-multiuser online games (MMOG) such as SL due to the fluid and anonymous nature of these virtual social environments; being flexible playing platforms in which users (hereafter referred to by their preferred moniker of residents) can socially interact with other residents in real-time through highly manipulatable avatars in ways not unlike in the real world, but unfettered by social and physical boundaries (Zhou et al. Residents can have one or more avatars (known colloquially as an avi or ava) that are created to represent anything or anyone they wish.This can be inanimate as well as animate objects, real or mythical, like the resident (or an aspect of themselves) or not.

The research presented drew on 12 months of resident blog posts referring to sexual ageplay: 263 total, with 91 residents.

These tend to not be very prescriptive as that is against the ethos of SL and SL residents, but sim owners and operators have the right to eject any resident from their sim.

Sexual ageplay is one of the only virtual behaviours that are explicitly prohibited across the grid, and sim owners’ have responsibility to report any concerns regarding sexual ageplay and to eject child and child-like avatars and residents from adult-only M sims.

The analysis of this talk explores the cultural understandings of this banned behaviour and beliefs about the nature of Second Life which underpin residents’ likelihood to report sexual ageplay and so comply with the Community Standards.

In considering these issues the paper is able to highlight issues regarding the unique cultural position of abuse against children and key concerns which underpin the reporting behaviour of residents.

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Sexual ageplay can arguably be encompassed under legislation on fantasy images of child abuse (Reeves illegal based upon arguments that relate such imagery to the normalisation of child sexuality, exploitation and abuse, as well as correlate it with other criminal activity, such as grooming of children and possession of real life child abuse images.

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