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The following instructions show you how to download the compressed files and decompress them.1. ( an uncompressed folder )Inside that uncompressed folder, will be an instructional pdf file. Read the pdf , and then follow its instructions to install the firmware update file. Firmware and instruction files have been compressed. Follow this PDF instruction to start the firmware update. It should then create a second folder with the same name.

5) Press the down-arrow key to select "Update Firmware", and then press the OK key.I think i need a link to download ir2318/2320 Firmware file. I think i need a link to download ir2318/2320 Firmware file. The files are executable, and launch a built in tool.This tool is referred to as UST, (Canon User Support Tool).Boot (boot program) UST Boot program is upgraded automatically at the same time with System version up.Option Fin_U2 (Finisher-U2) SST Downloader PCB Dedicated service tool (Downloader PCB: FY9-2034) Refer to finisher service manual about the method of version up.

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