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He speaks his mind, and he’s not afraid to talk about things that many shy away from. However, Charles Barkley’s wife set the record straight.

Charles Barkley’s wife Maureen Blumhardt married him almost 30 years ago. Apparently the marriage was unpopular in some areas of Philly because it was a mixed-race marriage. Maureen’s recollection of his emotional state during the birth of their first daughter is different than his memory. Charles and Maureen tried to keep their wedding a secret. But I like that they didn’t do the whole song and dance– it seems way overrated in America.

Let me remind you she used to work as a legal aide when she met Charles.

Maureen and Charles never had a moment’s doubt about that though. Their fear of a media circus led them to a very private wedding in front of a judge. Charles Barkley’s wife changed the round mound of sound for the better. Barkley mused to the Philly Inquirer about how marriage changes a guy’s life.

It’s really incredible people ever cared about that. He explained how he would hang out with friends and play golf more often when he was single.

She is an honorary member of ‘Fresh Start Women Foundation’ which provides women with education, resources, and support to positively transform their lives.

Aside profession, as a person Maureen is a funny woman which is evident on her social media account.

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