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Hannah had heard about having sexy phone conversations and while the idea really appealed to her, she was slightly nervous.

One weekend when she had been stood up for a date, she decided to call Hot Gozzip. Hannah liked it so much, she soon became a regular caller.

The guys who call, understand that it’s anonymous and safe.

Because everything is private, they know that they can relax, let go and share their personal fantasies…maybe with you!

Dr Alex and Alex seem well and truly over now, with the sunburnt medic doing his best to crack on with New Laura, and Lady Alex setting her sights on Paul.

is staged is a point of complete obsession for many fans.

We'll let you know if there are any updates on this. Laura says if she was in Georgia's position, she would have left the villa in a show of love for Jack.

Forget the fact that Laura is completely heartbroken, or that Muggy Dr Alex has left other Alex in the lurch, it's all about the bargain chicken breasts.

It’s important that everyone’s courteous and that all callers show respect for each other. Tomorrow you may want to enjoy some exciting role-play, with somebody who shares the same passions as you.

This allows everyone to enjoy their sessions and have fun. Perhaps you’d like to arrange a date or maybe a rendezvous with a hot guy, who’s ready for action.

After Georgia and Sam decided to split so they could stay in the villa as singletons, she ended up getting into a blazing row with golden couple Dani Dyer and Jack. On one side we have Team Georgia, and the other we have...well, Team Anti-Georgia.

TAG are judging Georgia for deciding to breakup with Sam and stay in the villa (therefore still in with a shot at the £50k, even though we know that money is obviously Dani Dyer's).

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