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A cuckoo clock is typically comprised of a pendulum movement to show the time, and a striking mechanism for the cuckoo's sound, both of which are moved by means of a chain hoist.Sophisticated machinery moves the hands and also regularly on the hour causes the bellows fill two small organ pipes located in the clock's interior with air, and then collapse, one right after another.The cuckoo clock is the epitome of the Black Forest clock.

And of course in addition to the mechanical clocks, cuckoo clocks with quartz mechanisms and digitally generated cuckoo sounds/music are available in all sizes and versions.After a short time already, the cuckoo had so to speak “conquered” this form of clock case for itself, and the ultimate triumph of the cuckoo clock as we know it had begun.The original form of today's cuckoo clock was consistently further developed starting in 1860; it was furnished with elaborate carvings and pine cone weights, and developed bit by bit into a symbol of the Black Forest.However, the early cuckoo clocks differed extensively from those of the present.The striking mechanism with the cuckoo sound was installed in diverse forms of clocks, in framed or shield clocks.

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It is certain that already in 1619 a clock with a cuckoo sound could be found in the collection of Elector August of Sachsen.

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