Dating a single dad with full custody

I texted Bode in November to let him know my plans to move. I moved to Manhattan in December and started school that January when I was eight months pregnant.

When I discovered I was pregnant, Bode was traveling.

Sam needed oxygen immediately and was whisked away, which meant I didn't get to see him for an hour. But then they brought him in wrapped in a blue blanket and I just held him and kissed him for hours, totally enamored with this little blue-eyed angel.

I filed for temporary custody of Sam in New York when Sam was 3 days old.

Sara Mc Kenna's son was 2 weeks old when she learned that her ex, Bode Miller, had filed for custody.

Mc Kenna had moved to New York to attend Columbia University two months earlier and gave birth to Samuel Bode Miller Jr. Unbeknownst to her, Miller had already filed for custody in California and sent the papers to Mc Kenna's house in California.

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Though Mc Kenna had filed for temporary custody in New York three days after Sam was born, a judge volleyed the case back to California, claiming that Mc Kenna had displayed "unjustifiable conduct" according to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which allows courts to refuse jurisdiction if a parent took a child from one state to another improperly.

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