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“These adverts explore the topics in a fun, engaging and humorous way.” Michael Jones, the creative director of AMV BBDO – which created the ad – said: “We were keen to talk to women who are so often misrepresented in advertising.” He added: “We met so many entertaining women and heard so many funny, outrageous stories. “These women should get their own TV shows, let alone some air time in an ad for such a well-loved brand.” The company also revealed that Stonewall helped to source some of the focus groups who contributed ideas to inspire the ad.Mars appears to have come a long way since 2007, when it created an advert for Snickers which saw two men accidentally kiss each other before saying: “Quick, do something manly!A new Maltesers advert includes a funny discussion about the realities of lesbian dating.Maltesers, which is owned by Mars, has followed in the footsteps of frozen food company Mc Cain, which featured a lesbian couple in its advert after a gay couple in a previous ad campaign received horrific abuse.So, if you’re an aspiring Anglophile looking for some new lingo to help fuel your love for all things British, or you just fancy seeing what kind of words the British find themselves using their day-to-day, check out our 50 best British slang terms for you to start using and incorporating into your vocabulary immediately.‘Ace’ – a British slang term that means something that is brilliant or excellent.Can also mean to pass something with flying colors.For example, ‘Jenny is ace at the lab experiments’, or, for the latter definition, ‘I think I aced that exam’.

Essentially, it is an expression of pride at your own actions or achievements.For example, ‘That tackle from the Spanish player was blinding.’Bloke is an extremely common term denoting a man, usually it is used in reference to an ordinary man, akin to the US ‘average joe’, but it it not uncommon to hear it used to describe a man generally.As such, you can use it like this, ‘That bob is a good bloke.’You probably don’t need me to describe this, out of all British slang, this is by far the most popular and most commonly used.For example, ‘My wife gave me a real bollocking for getting to pick up the dry cleaning on my way home from work.’A more obscure British term, ‘brass monkeys’ is used to refer to extremely cold weather.The phrase comes from the expression, ‘it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.

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