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There was an old tip site about 60 years ago not far from the little local beach where I have collected all my glass.As you can see we have every different colour glass, including shards of stained glass and patterned glass and loads of cobalt (medicine bottles)?My husband would enjoy being by my side bending over digging through the sand and running from waves, all for sea glass. We're fascinated over knowing each piece has a history. Journal: Hi Kalani and thanks for sharing your wonderful find!

It was one of those occasional days when you seem to have a beach all to yourself.HOME : An archive of sea glass photos and comments submitted by readers for the Photo of the Week section. Click Photo Submission Info for submission details.Kalani Gadbury, Southern California: My name is Kalani and my husband and I now live in Southern California.Journal: You have an amazing collection of old bottle tops Wiesy! My name is Rowie and I live in Fremantle, Western Australia.Your historical tops are a perfect example of some of the types of glass collectors can possibly find if they research and locate a coastal area steeped in shipping history. One can only imagine how many wonderful sea glass collecting areas have disappeared in the name of progress. Summertime is nearly at an end and the beautiful, still days of Autumn are upon us... For the past two years I have been collecting shimmer shells (orange shells in the vase), only switching to beach glass 6 months ago.

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