Dating bald guys

In-demand skills include playing any musical instrument except the tuba, story telling (this skill is an amazing aphrodisiac), active listening (more on that later), poetry, building/handyman skills, and general intelligence/knowledge.

Women also appreciate the fine art of conversation much more than the typical man does.

or actually prefer that smooth, shiny cue ball set atop your neck.

We polled 50 women of varying backgrounds, ages, and tastes to find out how they really feel about guys whose scalps and foreheads are gaining on their hair Pangaeas.

Their answers may surprise you -- it's apparently not time to invest in hair plugs stock just yet.

Strive to be a little more well-rounded and interesting and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Women value humor in a man over just about all other attributes, both physical and non-physical.

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