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These commissions may direct the police to conduct investigations.

The Constitution and the Criminal Code include safeguards to ensure that no criminal suspect can be compelled to make a self-incriminating convictions in recent years on the grounds that they were obtained as a result of coerced confessions.

The authorities reported they had lost the documentation on nine deaths in Tokyo's Fuchū Prison.

The remaining deaths were determined to be "not suspicious".

In 2003, the use of leather restraining body belts was abolished.

However, in June, the Ministry announced that there was evidence of abuse only in the two Nagoya fatalities.

Regarding the other suspicious deaths, the Ministry said that approximately 10 deaths could be attributed to poor medical care.

Other such minorities include the Ainu, the indigenous inhabitants of northern Japan, and the people of Okinawa.

Japan also has several hundred thousand native residents of Korean and Chinese descent who together with other foreign residents experience varying forms and degrees of discrimination.

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Although the Japanese consider themselves to be a homogeneous people, minorities do exist, and they often suffer discrimination.

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