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This time, we're looking at 1986's The night that Mary Shelley later described as the moment she came up with the idea for Frankenstein, rightfully regarded as one of the greatest horror stories of all time, has become so infamous in and of itself that it has been referenced by several films, including .

The general premise is that Lord Byron, at this point living in exile due to his famously hedonistic lifestyle, is visited by Claire Clairmont, who is romantically obsessed with him. From the very start, Percy is more into the vacation than Mary, who is desperately worried for Claire's obviously unstable emotional state.

The characters of are as follows: famous romantic-era poet Percy Shelley as played by a truly over-the-top Julian Sands; fellow writer and eventual wife to Percy, Mary Shelley; infamous dirtbag (and also poet) Lord Byron; half-sister of Mary and lover of Byron, Claire Clairmont; and finally, Doctor John Polidori, who wrote a horror book about a vampire that predates Dracula by about a hundred years called .

To give an idea of where Russell was coming from with this film, promotional images were a direct reference to a painting—specifically, Henry Fuseli's 's poster was ultimately edited to have a reclined Natasha Richardson appearing sans demon, but the scene itself still appears in the film.We talk about worlds and locations and settings, but often these boil down to unusual geography or art direction – surface details and imagery rather than a real identity. Its setting wasn’t the singular underground world of Arx Fatalis, nor the varied alien landscape of Morrowind. The game itself is set within a microsociety built entirely on the situation its inhabitants find themselves in.Instead, Piranha Bytes recognised back in 2001 that a place is a place not because of its landscape or biome or buildings, but because the people there make it one. A succinct introduction describes a war between humans and orcs, because of course it does.We assume that Byron likely slept with his sister, Augusta.Percy Shelley is portrayed as a fairly weak-willed hedonist that falls under Byron's spell within minutes of their arrival.

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