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One such delicacy is named “alfajor”, popular around Christmas.Flour and almond based, fluffy yet crumbly, they are subtle in flavour from the honey, sugar and mixed natural spices.Traditions have little changed since 1786, in Edina Sidoni where the original recipe is still used today.A quick mention: “churros”, a fried battered sweet treat dipped in chocolate sauce or coffee are good too.If slaying a bull isn’t quite your preferred past time, there is always Andalucía’s answer to folk dancing. This involves singing, Spanish guitar and vibrant dancing with the infamous hand clapping!Dating back on record as early as 1774, this popular music and dance has become recognized world wide.A mishmash of influences all in one place makes Andalucía quite unique.You could visit the villages in the province of Cadiz and see sculptures and mosaics dating back to the Roman period.

As colonies came and left, much culture, traditions, cuisine, artifacts and most noticeably buildings have been left behind.

Everybody wanted this land, rich with minerals and a gateway between Southern Europe and Africa, not forgetting the Western entrance to the Mediterranean.

It is no wonder colonies throughout the centuries have been battling to the death (quite literally) to keep this land.

Andalucía is renowned for its olive oil and fresh Mediterranean seafood, and so it´s no surprise that fried fish may very well be on the menu.

Pescaito frito, fried fish, varies from province to province.

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