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On the other, he had already lost five to desertion. Then they had to shout in unison, with pauses, “We promise! The Russian sergeant brought up the rear, watching for strays.

Not too soft, not too hard—that was the pressure he felt, and with a sense that his own future was on the line. It was a slog, mostly on narrow roads through rolling farmland. When the column passed a herd of cows, some men made mooing sounds. Late in the morning the column entered a large village, and Boulanger called a halt for lunch in a churchyard.

Season one was filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which also adds to how long the post-production time takes.“The extremely high quality of the production and staging is also very impressive.

It feels like you are watching a 10-hour movie and not a 10-part series,” executive producer Erik Barmack said.

Production is already underway for the second instalment but it seems unlikely that it will get another December release.

An early 2019 release seems more likely at this stage based on last year’s production schedule.

Watching him watch the recruits, I asked how the training was going. Boulanger was a non-commissioned the equivalent of a warrant officer. During one of these intervals the unhappy Scotsman named Smith approached me with a mop in his hand and asked for news from the outside. By comparison, he said, the Foreign Legion had no sense of humor.

He had been barred from the regular French Army because of troubles with the law when he was a teenager, and so had joined the Foreign Legion under the identity, initially, of a Francophone Swiss. I mentioned something about French elections and war, but what he meant was the latest soccer scores. I laughed for the obvious reason that the Legion, by comparison, had taken him in. The program called for the platoon to walk out carrying full patrol gear and to make a roundabout, two-day, 50-mile march back to the Legion’s headquarters, at Castelnaudary, near Carcassonne, for the final three months of basic training. Once it is completed, recruits become true legionnaires and during an initiation ceremony are given permission by the regimental commander to put on their kepis for the first time.

how open their lips are when they pronounce that sound). Regarding the transformation from Vader to Vador (pronunciation close to "vah-door"), it may have been because we wouldn't really know how to pronounce Vader: should we say vah-day, vah-duhr, vah-dare? The aperture issue is also the reason why C3-PO was changed to 6-PO in French: number 3 in French is pronounced as "trwaaah", which means your mouth is wide open, which is not in sync with the small mouth you see on someone saying C or three.DARK SEASON 2 NETFLIX RELEASE DATESeason one was released on December 1 2017, with all 10 hour-long episodes dropping in one go.Filming on the series began in October 2016 in Berlin and ended in March 2017 before finally dropping in December.Dark season one followed the supernatural disappearance of two young boys in a small German town and the subsequent secrets about their families that emerged as a result.The ending of season one leaves many unanswered questions that are likely to be explored in season two.

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