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In order to get the most out of your Lavalife experience, we recommend you use a display picture which focuses on your face and a genuine smile.

Lavalife is most commonly used amongst young singles looking for fun, playful, casual encounters.

Within 30 mins i had smiles from at least 30 men in intimacy and just 5 in Relationships ( actually didnt even have a online chat with anyone from relationships section, Their are ALOT of legit people from all arond Australia.

- alot of the members, though they are legit, are more flirtatsious about meeting with somebody over the internet and often dont show to dates you arrange with them.

There are not many people who are interested in finding relationships and there does not seem to be as many active or genuine members compared to other dating sites. The support desk just gave me but the terms and conditions say blah blah.

I hate people that hide behind there terms and conditions when clearly there site is just bad and prefer to rip people off.

It had a beautiful red, white, and grey colour scheme which was easy on the eyes.

The homepage is filled with little squares containing member profiles.

I have only been on the site for about 3 days and it was nightmare and a complate waste of time.

Practical test Lavalife: Lavalife comes complete with a visual platform and modern feel.

It is easy to see how other members look and find out their age and location.

Majority of profiles appear to be computer generated.

If you attempt to contact a person via the IM system, as soon as you hit send the person suddenly becomes off line.

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We contacted them, flirted with them, and now can’t wait to share with you the results.

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