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He’d been teaching English, writing and American literature at the University of Kentucky, but a departmental reorganization resulted in layoffs. D., a tenure-track teaching job — and therefore job security — was out of reach.

Otherwise, the chances of tying him down are not high.

If you do, you might see significant payoffs professionally and personally.

After a Master’s: New Job, Better Pay Consider Tony Ubelhor, who found himself out of a job in 2009 at age 55.

Milliken didn’t get her degree to help snare a job.

She went back to school because it was something she’d always wanted to do.

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“They know why they’re going back to school; they’re not going just because it’s expected of them.” 5 Reasons to Get a Degree After 50 Here are five reasons you might want to go back to college for a degree after 50: A sense of accomplishment As Milliken noted, getting a college degree in your 50s or 60s can make you proud of yourself.

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