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Incorporate some slow release fertiliser into the compost along with the sachet of Root Grow that is supplied with the tree.

Westland’s Feed All Slow Release is a suitable fertiliser (please follow the incorporation rates on the fertiliser packaging) Put a layer of crocs (pieces of broken clay pots) into the bottom of the container so that the drainage holes do not block.

If there is brown tipping on the leaves and you consider it unsightly it can be trimmed off using a sharp pair of scissors, this will have no adverse affect on the overall health of the tree.

If the branch is dead it is best to remove it, for large diameter stems and branches (greater than 5cm) use sterile, sharp pruning equipment to match the size of the stem or branch being pruned.

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It seems in general that the trees need to have -12 to -15 degrees centigrade for fairly long periods to actually kill them (as seen in central Europe in the winter of 2010/11).

There have been a handful of reports of trees not surviving this last winter in the UK but on investigation this has been in the main due to the trees already suffering from a fungal root disease called Phytophthora which is a wide spread and very common disease with the ability to affect many garden plants.

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