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In Ireland, Des has dedicated his career to learning Irish in the Gaeltacht (In the Name of the Fada), running workshops in Ballymun (Joy in the Hood) and working a minimum wage job in Abrakebabra (The Des Bishop Work Experience).

"Well, I didn't take it as a referendum on my popularity as a performer," he tells me in a firm tone, adding that certain people's entourages got a little overexcited.The reaction to the show was great, and it brought an energy to my stand-up that I noticed straight away." Of course, it's always helpful, as someone who makes their living in the public eye, to have essentially starred in the biggest entertainment programme in television at that moment, I offer. In fairness, DWTS could hardly register as more than a blip in Bishop's career, even if he had won the whole thing.His constituency is bigger than one programme's viewers.Bishop performed every night of the first run while receiving radiotherapy for testicular Cancer (the original premier date for the play at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2000 had to be cancelled as a result of the original diagnosis of cancer).Bishop appeared in the 2002 film, In America, in which he played a high stockbroker rapping in the back of a NYC taxi cab.

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