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One has to create a foot-deep trough or so, place the fence into the trough, and keep it covered over with rocks or cement to assure keeping these critters out!But unfortunately, you can't create such structures where it matters most--your garden gate!I can't have the flower bed in our unfenced front yard because of another flower devourer, the South West's feral pig, Javelina, whose odor you wouldn't believe is stronger than a skunk's. Hang a single strand 8 to 10 inches off the ground around the edge of your garden, the experts suggest.“Here is my Javelina deterrent method: OK, this is really gross but it is free and only for garden lovers who are determined to persuade the neighborhood Javelinas (and rabbits as a bonus) that their garden just isn't yummy anymore.This has worked perfectly so far, and here's what you do.I cannot vouch for other kinds of wild pigs, however).Further, to make things more interesting, my husband put long, metal fence posts into the buckets standing upward, leaning against the bar that keeps deer from jumping over the gate..way, if the critters do topple the buckets they will not only get wet.

I used a broom on the gravel to smooth it out to really see if anything was disturbed and it wasn't!

“Actually, Javelinas can show up at almost any time, but they ALWAYS show up for a meal or two in late summer.

I don't know where they came from or where they go, but they come in late August and September like clockwork. Javelinas and any wild pig, being "rooters," can shove their snouts into any kind of ground with enough determination to get under any fencing structure, lift up the fence wire, just enough, to get under the fence, and feast.

I have a dog and three cats so I have to be careful what chemicals I put down because my dog just goes behind me and injests everything he can find. The birds scatter whenever I come outside, thinking I'M the garden pest, SO I made a scarecrow from a broom, plastic bag and my old stocking cap, which worked - for 8 or 10 days - whoopee. As for fencing, it must be at least 2 to 3 feet tall and not less than 3 inches below ground.

I found out the hard way when he almost died from eating my snail bait! The birds are now back for the rest of the flowers. Some pet and feed stores sell low-voltage electric or solar-powered fencing, which can be effective.

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