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Regarding his new album, Collins explained: "We've got about seven or eight songs that we're going to put down.We've got some new tracks and we've got some acoustic ones that are a little bit different.We want to experiment and really find ourselves, because we still feel that we need to find our identity, so this is going to be good for us.In February 2012 they uploaded their second full song "Stand Up" On 13 April 2012, it was announced that Rebecca had left the group to pursue a solo career leaving original members, Esther and Sophia, with an undetermined future.Collins did not appear on The X Factor that year, but joined the band after original member Anthony Hannah decided to quit the band following their exit from the show.

The music video for "Mercy" was released on 24 April 2012, with the single released on 3 June 2012.The song charted at number nine on the UK Singles Chart and spent three weeks on the chart.Collins then released his self-titled debut album on the 12 March 2012 and debuted and peaked at number seven on the UK Albums Chart.On 24 July 2013, Campbell and Wardman have found two members to replace former members, Lane and Creighton. The new formed girl group are in thoughts of maybe adding a fifth member.As of 24 July 2013, Dodient Records have taken Belle Amie off the label.

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