Examples of consolidating data in excel

No formulas are used to perform this type of Consolidation, although you can set up the consolidation to update automatically when the source data changes, by checking the create links to source data box, rather than manually which is the default.Consolidate by Category Used when data is organized differently but has identical row and column labels.

In the following example, the Sales data starts in cell B5 in the Excel file, so the cell reference is A5/CPO.This Power Query Tutorial was most recently updated in March 2018 with Excel Version 1802 (Build 9029.2253 Click-to-Run).Microsoft is constantly updating/modifying Power Query. If you're working with a different version of Excel/Power Query, some details (particularly menus) are different.Once this is selected, the Worksheet Link column (G) will contain a drop down with the links defined.The last step in the reporting tree definition is to define the path to the excel file in the Workbook or Report Path column (H).

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Excel will then examine the row and/or column headings and will be able to plot the layout of your Worksheets and Consolidate your data for you by examining the contents of the ranges to be used. H9) can be used to add cells from different worksheets to consolidate into a Summary sheet.

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