Examples of intimidating body language

Eye contact, facial expressions and touch affect work interactions. Adjusting your clothes, biting your nails, fidgeting, touching your face and toying with something in your hands can all be interpreted negatively. Lean back in your chair, and it conveys disinterest.

Others think you are nervous, tense, disinterested or maybe even dishonest. Lean forward, and it indicates you are interested in what the speaker says.

Note the manner in which Lauer is sitting — with his legs crossed (European style).

Sitting this close to any guest — regardless of their gender is out of context behavior for an interview.

Lauer initiated the interview bringing up the subject of an extremely embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Moreover, he did so in a sexual manner, saying, “One has difficulty imagining how he could he possibly get any more patronizing.

If space was limited — and he had to be this close — he should not have crossed his legs.

And if he still felt the need to cross them in such close quarters, he should have pointed his leg/foot away from Anne Hathaway — yet he invades her space.

Because no words have to be spoken or written, gestures can be an quick, easy, efficient form of business communication.

If a person uses eye contact, facial expression, posture or tone of voice to suggest a nonverbal, emotional message, you might call those affective gestures.

An open or receptive gesture is a person whose palms face the listener.

Lauer goes out of his way to encroach on each woman’s personal space — more specifically, their intimate space.

With the ample area available in a major television studio — and when this behavior is of a chronic nature — it strongly signals the presence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (however this is only one of many narcissist behaviors).

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In this last image of Lauer interviewing Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawk’s coach is sitting with his legs essentially parallel.

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