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I called the counseling center at my college and said, "Are there classes at your college where I can study business? " I had been following a science/math curriculum throughout my academic career, and had about zero knowledge of the business world.

The only thing that I knew about accountants was hearing about them on the news every April 15, which is the USAs tax filing deadline.

When I was a teenager, studying Jesuss life and (what is now called) channeled material, I wondered what practical use any of it would be, but I was enthralled.

Colleges did not offer degrees in mysticism and it did not pay the bills, but I have never studied anything as enthusiastically.

During my next year of business studies I worked as a janitor, cleaning the offices of attorneys, accountants, investment advisers, and other businesses.

I retrieved the Wall Street Journal and other business publications from the trash and read them.

Although I had meditation training and was studying spirituality, I had never really prayed, at least in the standard way.

That night, as I lay in bed, I beseeched with all my soul for somebody to give me a clue.

The next semester I took Introduction to Business and Bookkeeping 101. I was taught that accounting was the language of business, about how superior capitalism was to communism, and how business was a great force of light in the world.

I felt that I was careening toward disaster, a rocket wildly off course, not knowing where I would crash.

One night, after months of futility, I hit rock bottom.

Although a government study devoted about million to analyzing his engine, it went nowhere, partly due to auto industry inertia.

During the excitement over his engine, one high-ranking official told him that if he really thought that his engine would make the internal combustion engine obsolete, he had better start making his funeral plans.

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