How to automate updating cyclades

The Alter Path Integrator eliminates the need for two separate management consoles by providing a single interface to manage IT devices either through the production network or the OOBI network.

SET Restart Killed Tasks=0 ECHO Detected directory: %~dp0 %~d0 CD %~p0 ECHO. FOR /F %%B IN ('TASKLIST') DO ( IF /I [%%A]==[%%B] ( ECHO %%B is currently running, killing process.

This action opens a direct out-of-band connection to the disconnected asset through the Alter Path System and allows the administrator to quickly diagnose and restore the asset.

By streamlining this process of restoring IT assets, the provides a mechanism to automatically import HP Open View node maps through file transfers (using the HTTP protocol and industryaccepted XML data file structure) initiated by the integration module at predefined intervals and when the program starts.

for HP Open View is the first out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) integration module that links the Alter Path System to the HP Open View systems management platform.

The Alter Path Integrator allows IT administrators to securely access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets using Cyclades OOBI products (serial console, KVM over IP, power control appliances, service processor managers and server blades) from within their HP Open View window.

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The integration module allows the administrator to perform the following actions from the HP Open View NNM interface: Diagram 1: View of HP Open View NNM management interface.

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