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The period beween 16 (just before and after the restoration of the monarchy in England) is characterised by the issuing of numerous small penny and twopenny tokens.There are over 800 different issues and they include examples from every city, almost every town and a few villages in Ireland.The first opinion is that they represent a voicing of the Irish continuing suport for the young Stuart pretender to the English throne.The alternate opinion is that the shortage of change in Ireland as the regal coppers had not been issued since 1755 was the reason for the issue and the 'voice of the people' refers to their need for change.Another difference is that other dating sites make you subscribe to read and reply to messages, but on Spark!

This patent was granted to Sir William Armstrong (son of Sir Thomas Armstrong, above) and Colonel George Legg.This issue was similar to the farthings of James I and Charles I from before the English Civil War.The issue was prohibited by the Governor of Ireland in 1661 and it does not appear to have been issued in large number nor to have circulated widely before this prohibition.The picture above is an example of this piece in an early die state before the crack became severe.In a recent conversation an American numismatist suggested that the VOOE error is actually an O entered into the die in error and that the apparently earlier coins are in fact later coins after a repair had been carried out on the die..

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