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In commenting Wednesday on Armstrong's refusal to talk, Tygart said that, "over the last few weeks he has led us to believe that he wanted to come in and assist USADA but was worried of potential criminal and civil liability if he did so." If the Justice Department ends up taking the whistleblower case all the way to trial, a key issue is likely to be whether the Postal Service suffered financial harm from the drug scandal.

The government has a potentially strong weapon on its side: An argument could be made that until recent months there was an active, ongoing conspiracy to cover up Armstrong's alleged fraud.

But his passion was cycling because he loved the sport and the travel.

Though he had a law degree, legal work didn’t satisfy him and he didn’t stick with it.

"Lance Armstrong and his cycling team took more than million from the U. Postal Service based on their contractual promise to play fair and abide by the rules — including the rules against doping," Ronald Machen Jr., U. attorney for the District of Columbia, said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, Armstrong's team said lengthy talks with the government had failed.

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In time, he had made enough connections and had cultivated a reputation in the Olympic sports world for being so good at his job that he was hired as a soigneur for the Subaru-Montgomery professional cycling team.

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