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Yesterday, she said “The soul of Europe is humanity, and this soul- if we want to maintain it—if Europe with its values is to continue to play a role in the world, then Europe cannot simply turn its back on hardship and suffering.” Where Europe will ultimately land on this question is still up for grabs, but the recent summit and internal German deal making suggest that immigration will continue to pose a serious, potentially existential threat not just to Merkel but to the EU system as a whole.

I lived in Laurelton from 1952 until 1965 when I married Larry Kuskin, a graduate of AJHS in 1960. Served in Vietnam 68-69 (101st Airborne Division and Bronze Star Recipient). Softball League, whom many of you guys payed ball in. "Life happens when you are busy making other plans." If anyone remembers me get in touch. I have fond memories of PS 156 and JHS 59, as well as actively participating in USY at the Laurelton Jewish Center, plus singing with Mr Buchanan and doing Gilbert & Sullivan. As I read about the reminiscences of others on this site: 132, 156, "squash" at the handball court, the LJC, Carmine's, Roma's garlic bread (God), the movie theater (which was an addiction on Saturdays, curiously nobody mentioned), the wonderland of Stanley's! Along with: Paul Weintraub, "Logi" Trepper, Barry Becker (a genius/peter pan who dressed as Batman, in his self-made costume and took 'competing' Robins out at night to roam alleys and garage rooftops), John Ploss, Mike Cohen, and others. My family moved to Laurelton in 1955 and I lived at 131-45 227 Street until I moved away in 1964. It would be nice to hear from some of my old friends and see what road they traveled in life. I remember with fondness these friends from the Young Israel: Paula and Gary Katz, Ruthy & Phyllis Gluckman.

Notwithstanding these countries’ approaches, this agreement strikes me as a realistic starting point.While in law school, she served on the board of both the . She has also clerked for Judge William Wayne Justice on the U. C.) as well as Wilmer Cutler & Pickering (Washington D. Professor Wexler has clerked for Judge Thomas Reaveley of the U. While the full text can be found Overall, it strikes me as a promising beginning, despite low expectations going into the meeting and the increasingly obstructionist practices of countries like Hungary, as well as seemingly liberal states like Denmark and France.Hungary vocally refuses to take any migrants and has criminalized assistance to asylum seekers.

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Equally significant, the deal may undermine the voluntary agreement reached at the EU summit. In order to implement it, Merkel needs to strike a deal with Austria to handle migrants rejected at Germany’s southern border, but in addition to the difficulties in getting Austria to agree, these efforts may span a domino-like reaction with Austria and other states using Merkel’s move as an excuse to close their own borders.

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