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I look beyond the outer shell, as it means nothing really..........Some attraction is necessary yes, but not the deciding factor.This man has made such an impact on my life, that since we have been seperated i have decided to go back to school in the human services program and working my way to the university to study developmental disabilities.i just love being around people with disablities of all types wether they be physical, mental, developemtal, or what have you.Disabled Dating All Disabilities/Access for Blind Forums/Links/Online Messaging - Yahoo Personals Don't wait any longer. Free Disabled Dating & Personals for Disabled | Save Society & Culture - Disability Links for people of All Abilities Disabled Dating Site - Free Disabled Dating, add your ...Meet someone new today.personals.Web Results My Saved Results Disabled dating website, differently abled dating service,... Love Byrd - Disabled singles dating service for individuals with disabilties and medical...i will look for you aobut the disabled sites and let you know. | | Cached | Save whispers4Disabled Dating Service, Chat for the Differently... | | Cached | Save Would you date someone who is disabled. 100% Free Dating Site MAIL/PROFILE | HELP | NOW ONLINE | SINGLES SEARCH | RATE PEOPLE ...

Most people are not lucky enough to have a very good social support system which is in my book a nessescity to be able to recover from any kind of illness.He can walk but is quite obviously "gimped up"--part of the long-term consequence of a mis-spent youth.He's in a different space these days and I admire him.I have dated people with disabilities--and myself I have anxiety as well.The main factor I look at is how much does the disability dictate their actions and life choices as opposed to being a consideration in the same.

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