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You can see that even when they win or lose at a video game.

I might not look it, but I'm a pretty sore loser too (laugh).

Maybe that's why a subconscious part of me tries to keep a certain distance from them.

I try my best not to intrude upon their private lives, and I know they're busy so I don't even ask them out to dinner (laugh).

For example, if we're playing sports together and they weren't able to make a good play like they were expecting.

But this new genre of relationships called 'members' is just as important and precious as friends and family."It seems like Aiba-san has discovered some new things about himself recently."When I had dinner with (Domoto) Tsuyoshi-kun the other day, he said to me, 'You have a high tolerance, Aiba, but you'll be in big trouble if you ever explode'. Tsuyoshi-kun share the same AB blood type as I do, so maybe that's why he knows (laugh)."The way he pushes himself mentally and physically to the limit when it comes to work may also have to do with his high tolerance."It's in my nature to overdo things to begin with.

I rarely consult other people for advice, and I don't depend on others.

Sports', I won't ask them questions they might not like even if it was in the script.

I want them to enjoy talking to me first, and only ask once they're at ease and the conversation progresses naturally to a moment when it seems okay to ask."When it comes to those closest to him, the other members of Arashi, he has his eye on something quite unexpected."In terms of other members, it's really superficial...

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