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Invented more than 30 years ago, spring-loaded camming devices changed the game of rock climbing by offering an easy-to-place, solid anchor that fits inside a crack.Climbers clip a rope to a cam, and if they fall the device is made to exert force against the rock, most of the time staying securely in place.A father of five, Regenold and his wife live in Minneapolis.ASER, the world-leading maker of stun guns, has a new name, Axon, and a new business plan: to build a massive artificial intelligence using video data from its new police body cameras.Deis has no website but has filed Bonobo Industries LLC and will soon be in business.For now, he says “each cam is made individually by hand in my shop at work.Researchers have gained a whale's-eye view of the marine mammals' lives in Antarctica, thanks to a research project that placed noninvasive digital tags — containing sensors and a camera — on minke and humpback whales.

Video of the whales diving for food also reveals the relative size of krill, and the density of the krill patch, that the whales are feeding on.

Hurricane Matthew Provided Awesome Tests of Resort Video Servers As the Weather Channel and other weather media began the foreboding broadcasts about the massive and destructive nature of Hurricane Matthew,…

Whales' social lives have largely remained a mystery to scientists, until now.

The tags have already shown researchers where the whales gather in large numbers to feed, and the footage reveals that the animals will stay for weeks at a time in the feeding area.

Different feeding behaviors have also been discovered because of the sensors.

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The researchers are still analyzing the data collected from their initial deployment of the sensors in March.

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