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“It will pay off in the end,” she said to herself whilst travelling from London to Leamington Spa, wildly inebriated and in pursuit of an after-party – “the anecdotal mileage will be inexhaustible”. Because even if I don’t get my match, at least I’ll have the stories.

And maybe one day that story won’t be the dystopian tale of a 30-something feminist conducting her love life almost entirely in séance mode; trying desperately, in vain, to communicate with the dead.

The era where you used to be up all night talking on the phone in the beginning of any relationship is over. Bye." if you ask him/her out on a movie or dinner date since there are never-ending social commitments now that didn't exist earlier - friends, colleagues, enemies etc.

On our first date, I pretended that there was a stain on his top just so I could touch him and it felt like electricity. You know the one explaining how you’re “just not meant to be? As I write, I’m currently embroiled in some serious “deep liking” of a former flame’s Instagram back catalogue (think dimly lit pictures of Superquinn sausages circa 2012) and a submarining debacle wherein a swarthy Californian stunt man (he’s met Jackie Chan) who doubles as a spiritual guru has recently emerged from the ether after several months of radio silence.

I can’t help but think of a particular story in Dolly Alderton’s memoir .

After my second long-term relationship ended in 2016, I was loathe to revisit the online dating scene and spend my nights combing through the endless menagerie of wild to mildly domesticated beasts my single friends had warned me about.

There were now a whole slew of apps, each one more specific than the last.

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