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"It feels like for ever," says the 33-year-old financial adviser from Birmingham who is of Pakistani-Kashmiri heritage.As most of her friends are secular and white, she says she rarely meets single Muslim men.Globally, one in five relationships now start online, and the industry presents large economic potential.In the UK, for instance, between 20, Muslims were the fastest growing religious group - from three percent to 4.8 percent of Brits identifying as Muslim - to a total of 2.7 of the population.That small piece of silver, though only a trinket, was a matter of both pride and principle to Mustapha as he studied it from the schoolyard. But on the finger of a Muslim, Mustaphas ring is a prime example of what Wahabia, or more puritan Muslims, might call a corruption of Koranic law, and an example of how Ghanaian culture can stand at odds with Islam.It is for protection from anything that might happen to me you know, illnesses, car accidents, things like that, said Mustapha, a teacher and former student of the Islamic Training Institute here. Thats tantamount to polytheism, said Yacomb Abban, general secretary of Ahlus Sunna Waal Jamaat, a large Muslim sect here, of such charms.

They are asserting their faith more strongly, but in a way that will connect to the wider world around them.

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"If anything, they are asserting their faith more strongly, but in a way that will connect to the wider world around them."Last January, she met 23-year-old business owner Hakim - of Pakistani and West Indian origin - using the app.

They chatted on Whats App and met in person a month later.

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