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just hit the delete button and save your brain cells for something real.About a month ago I stuffed around with these exact type of scammers from Gumtree.There are other twists on the same scam – they all work by: a) Identify people who are greedy enough to replyb) Setting up some bizzare story that sounds fairly plausablec) Getting a deposit or refund sent by Western Union to the scammerd) Vanishing The scammers send out literally millions of SMS inquiries after scouring classified websites all over the world.They might get 5% of people who reply back (like you did).The email will have some Fake Escrow service – they allegedly release the funds after the transaction is completed.In the meantime, you have to send an over-payment or the agents fees to some Western Union account overseas.Alternatively, they send a fake Paypal payment notification email, but once again ask for a refund or direct payment to a transport agent/carrier.Of course this is all bollocks, and nothing exists except for the money that you just gifted to the scammer.

The more common one is to "have a problem with Interbet Banking", so they send a Paypal payment instead.

from Tech Pro Research Ride-sharing operator Grab will tap data from its platform to extract insights on transport patterns in Southeast Asian cities, and jointly develop applications with National University of Singapore to "transform" urban transportation.

I am happy with the bike present condition and ok with the asking price of ,000.

Then of those, maybe 2% take the bait, and of those maybe 5% actually make the payment.

So, out of 20,000 (free) SMS messages, they might get 1 payment...

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