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And unfortunately the first and only season ends on a big cliffhanger.Still, it's worth watching for those who can handle that.Ok, you may be aware of some - especially if you have a Hulu subscription and a healthy appetite for television.But we're betting there are even some you may have missed along the way.In the wild world of streaming, that's no longer an issue. Nature's adorable rolly-polly killing machines are sadly underused protagonists in our art.I forward that almost any TV show would be improved if its main characters were bears.It's also pretty fun in its own early '90s after-school special kind of way.Watch it to pretend you're a teenager in the early '90s (and maybe you were!

That's probably because the premise is fairly limited. All of Digimon's cultural shortcomings don't change one immutable fact though.He's talented, death-obsessed, has an unusally cheeky sense of humor and did his best work in the early-to-mid-2000's.Fuller's first effort at showrunning a TV show is an unqualified success.For a lot of TV watchers, the shortening of seasons is a welcome trend.It's much easier to commit oneself to several 3-10 episode seasons rather than the usual 20 . They're the kind of TV-watcher who REALLY wants to go on a long adventure with a show.

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