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I suspect other Objectivist women will agree on the qualities I list here but perhaps vary on which ones matter more to them.

I hold having self-esteem in very high regard so it is quite attractive for a man to be supremely self-confident and arrogant (An insecure braggart or condescending jerk has inadequate self-esteem).

Ambition and passion for work are far more important than merely making money.

I don't find it attractive when people pursue careers based on merely maximizing dollars divorced from trying to find their passion in life.

Another indication I look for is enthusiasm about sharing personal knowledge and wisdom despite being in a competitive environment, unafraid of taking risks both personally and professionally in the pursuit of his values.

All in all this translates to someone with a very healthy and positive psychology.

This girl contacts me via the online dating service, and she's several years younger than me, so what's the catch? Except I worry about not being attracted enough to get it up.

I had a 45 minute phone coverstation with her, and 30 minutes of the conversation was about Ayn Rand.

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Of course I should be delighted that an intelligent objectivist girl is interested in me instead of being concerned about her appearance.

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