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To me, before reflecting, I would expect to see A LOT of 4’s and 5’s. Any half-decent bed would cost at least 500 Dollars – a lot of money to a poor student.If it’s true that technology is improving faster and faster, we would expect 2018 to be MUCH better than 2008, significantly more than 2008 is better than 1998. I went out of my way and bought one anyway, and slept very well ever since.Sleep – despite accounting for one-third of our time – has not improved. At least in my case, the television in the sleeping room has been replaced by a smartphone, but neither is more damaging to my sleeping than the other.Maybe there are beds out there that is “changing the way we sleep”.I pay Washa ~15$ a week, and they pick up my 5 shirts from the week, wash and iron them.A small note here is that if you look at statistics I’m sure we’re getting closer to a 4. In 2008 my budget was ~150$ a month – in 2018 I just buy whatever I want from the supermarket without looking at the prices.Communication between friends and family actually worked quite well in 2008.

I would go so far to say that I think we have a “Moores law” going on in the improvement of restaurants and cafes – they are getting absolutely amazing.Back in 2008, you needed to ask someone for their phone number or e-mail, which you just wouldn’t do for a lot of people.In 2018, you’re most likely Facebook friends with hundreds of people, and you can write so easily.If we are to follow the beliefs and trends in technology, it should be accelerating.Everything from Moores law, to the concept of accelerating returns coined by likes of futurist Ray Kurzweil, to what seems like to be a general belief: technology is ever-accelerating. I buy the argument technology is improving faster and faster, and I think that when we dig into the numbers and graphs, it’s quite true. For the last last 5 years, I’ve followed technology development very much.

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