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But, college is, like the anonymous sophomore said, about taking care of yourself or at least learning how to be independent.

Look to your past dating history for patterns, or ask a trusted friend or relative what trends they see in your love life. "When even kissing is completely avoided after multiple dates, or avoiding intimacy is clearly the behavior—one has to ask, is it slow or avoidance?Now that you have your stellar profile and photos up on the site, it’s time to dive in and start finding the people that interest you. As life gets more hectic, more people are turning to online dating.o you know what the right speed is for getting involved with someone? There's often wisdom in taking things slow, yet some of us use that as an excuse to never get going.Finding the right pace — and knowing when you're using caution as a crutch — is the key to nurturing a new romance.

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"I think slow is always better than fast, but timing is about being present to what is really going on and not about a schedule," says Lev Ba'esh, director of the Resource Center for Jewish Clergy at Interfaith

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