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" = @GLOBAL_VAR_2 There is no way to declare a global variable in Transact-SQL.

However, if all you want your variables for is to be accessible across batches of a single script, you can use the SQLCMD tool or the SQLCMD mode of SSMS and define that tool/mode-specific variables like this: to store a single variable that is visible during a session and connection, but it'll disappear after that.

As you can see, there are no input variables, just a well-named function that returns a static value: if you change that value in the function, it will instantly change anywhere it's used (the next time it's called).


Sql server has a concept of global variables, but they are system defined and can not be extended.

obviously you can do all kinds of tricks with the SQL you are sending - Sql COmmand has such a variable replacement mechanism for example - BEFORE you send it to Sql Server, but that is about it.

- Changed: Replaced fired eventhandler for player with new fired Man EH available in 1.66 - Changed: Set fatigue to 0 when player respawns - Fixed: create Unit command in A3 ignores the group parameter completely since a few patches and adds the unit to the units config side instead to the provided group (bug in A3?I believe 2005 still had global variables that would use @@variablename instead of @variable name which would define the difference between global and local variables.Starting in 2008 I believe this was changed to a scope defined variable designation structure.Regards, Hini which persist only a binary value limited to 128 bytes.Also, the user can rewrite the value anytime and it's not very good to use it for security checks.

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