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When I called this time we had the normal chit chat about her drive and the hotel and what I did for work that day.

She mentioned that she was feeling really sore and was going to go down to the hot tub.

While she was visiting her family she had purchased a new string bikini and showed it off to me. Her tits are large and the fabric definitely shows the ladies off.

I also loved how that bottoms looked barely there with just a string on the sides.

At this point, I was dying, breathing heavily, I was just about to cum as she continued her story.

It took a few minutes to regain her composure, but eventually she began to let the water jet against her asshole again.

I told her to call me once she was back from the hot tub.

About an hour later she called again and told me that she had a story to tell me.

She was worried that someone might have watched or recorded her. And when you’re ready to book, we check 200 sites to find you the latest and lowest hotel prices. With millions of reviews from travelers worldwide, we can help you find the ideal hotel, inn or bed & breakfast.She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started rocking the jet between her ass and pussy letting just the edge of the jet hit them. The pressure building from her spread legs was overpowering, and in a short time she exploded into another massive orgasm again lasting a very long time.I could hold back no longer, my balls tensed and my cum exploded from my cock as I groaned through a massive orgasm.

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