Post world war 2 dating

Advertisements began coming out in droves with military men and women pictured, easy suggestions for the everyman, and slogans like “…for the troops” began creeping into everything.

Not only were people on the home front working hard, but they were becoming more of a consumer society.

In postwar helmets sand is used to texturize the surface instead of cork.

All other high pressure liner: Westinghouse, MSA and Capac were produced after 1950 too.However straps OD#3 can be found in rear seam late war examples too. Late war helmets have a blackened brass buckle with simplified design.Since September 1944 a new release hook, called T1 was adopted and seldomly mounted, though it became a standard only on years '50s production.They could buy the bread that would support the troops, they could buy a war bond, and they could hope that a war hero would come home and be in their lives.As WWII ended and the men and women of war came home, the American Dream shifted slightly.

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