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The couple says deep friendships and romance are within reach for people with schizophrenia.But these ties take a lot of effort from both partners."We took a walk in a park, and it was toward the end of summer -- a gorgeous, beautiful day. and he said he had had a 'schizophrenic break.'" For some couples, that might have been the end.Frese went to the library and read up on schizophrenia.It also helps to remember how much your support means to your loved one.Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder that distorts the way a person thinks, acts, expresses emotions, perceives reality, and relates to others.People having a relapse may get suspicious of people or have delusions that friends or family members are plotting against them. Instead, "do a careful investigation of whether the person has stopped taking their medication," Harvey advises.

Psychotic symptoms can undermine the trust of a person with schizophrenia.He responded in as supportive a way as could be imagined." Strong, positive relationships are always beneficial, but perhaps even more so when you have a serious condition like schizophrenia."It helps having someone close to you, who knows you and loves you," Saks says.People with schizophrenia -- the most chronic and disabling of the major mental illnesses -- often have problems functioning in society, at work, at school, and in relationships.Schizophrenia can leave its sufferer frightened and withdrawn.

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"I didn't bring my [schizophrenia] up right away at all," Saks recalls.

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