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  1. The oldest picture on your current profile should be less than 2 years old. I will say I saw a woman’s profile recently in which she took what had to be the most unflattering shot of just her body—in an ill-fitting, horizontal-striped top. Or, maybe they do, but they don’t then want to meet it out for a beer. But as soon as the focus of your profile starts to be animal centric, you’re in trouble. While you may think this is an attempt to keep it anonymous, protect her identity, it looks so bad. We can’t help but wonder what happened to that person, and if you hate her or aren’t over her, or vice versa. Even if you crop down that picture, if all we see is a well-manicured hand on your shoulder, yeah, there’s something creepy about that too. They’re paid to show the essence and beauty of someone’s personality—which you never will in your bathroom mirror.