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As much as Kimmel’s reputation has morphed in the past year, his show remains largely the same.

It’s driven by a comic sensibility that’s rooted in the crank-call generation.

Don’t add another 20 years of messes, and noise, and chaos, and soccer games. And he wouldn’t have it, he did not want to break up. The sessions helped him realize that he, indeed, wanted to take the leap. “And then the kid comes and it’s, ‘Oh yeah, of course, this is fantastic. ’ ” It’s no surprise Kimmel finds it easy to talk about family.

His personal and professional life are virtually inseparable.

Still, not even Mc Nearney understood what was going to take place on the night of May 1, when Kimmel returned to Hollywood Boulevard a week after baby Billy’s heart surgery.

Choking back tears from the start, he told the story of a family in the hospital so thrilled as they held this little, brand new boy.

“In the first year or two when I was working with Jimmy, I kept thinking it was like a hardware store or a lumberyard,” says Steve O’Donnell, the show’s original head writer.

A young, mustached man stands by the track and offers a goofy grin. “Let’s do a fake interview,” he says, suggesting his sidekick Guillermo be heavily bandaged and in a hospital bed.

There is also a bust of his beloved, late grandfather Sal on a table and a portrait on the wall of Uncle Frank, who served as an on-camera foil until his death in 2011.

(Frank’s ex-wife, Kimmel’s Aunt “Chippy,” remains a frequent target of hidden camera pranks.) At Kimmel and Mc Nearney’s wedding in 2013, comedian Jeff Ross suggested they were getting married because the host couldn’t stand having someone on the staff he wasn’t related to.

“I just wound up getting into local radio and just stumbled into this.” Jimmy Kimmel, left, has been a student of late-night television since he was a kid and determined that advocacy was a bad move.

Here, he’s at his car with his younger brother, Jon.

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