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However, at the end, Claire apologizes to Arbiter after him and Chief defeat Scott, and says that he is brave.

In Season 5, Arbiter falls in love with Claire, and when he finds out that Trent is marrying her, he is made upset (though Trent's behaviour also contributed to that).

He asks her if she wants to play more often and maybe meet in real life, and she accepts.

They end up going on a date in game, but Arbiter accidentally reveals that he isn't really Jon, and that there is a criminal in his house, which causes Claire to angrily leave him.

The two constantly bicker and swear to each other regularly.However, thanks to Chief, Arbiter discovers that Trent is cheating on Claire, but was banned before he could tell Claire anything.Trent developed a grudge towards Arbiter for ruining his wedding, which he believed contributed to the end of his company, though it was obvious the game he released was rather bad.In the finale, Arbiter actually says that he loves Claire.Claire doesn't return his feelings, but likes him as a friend and says that she would never forget him.

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