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"Having "the talk" has been conducted four times with a total of 17 participants.Workshop activities and findings are discussed in the context of a literature review of research on infant and child sexuality.This study examines longitudinal data showing that meeting online does not predict couple breakup.Meeting online (and particularly meeting through online dating websites) predicts faster transitions to marriage for heterosexual couples.Through several interactive workshop activities, parents explore and share their personal values around sexuality and increase their knowledge of infant and child sexuality.The goals of the workshop are: Participants "Having 'the talk' before they can talk" has been conducted four times within the past 12 months, with a total of 17 participants. All had at least an undergraduate college education.Although most parents want to be the primary sexuality educators for their children, many parents feel they didn't receive much sexuality education from their own parents and don't know how and when to begin (Richardson & Schuster, 2002).

Parents may worry that the information itself is inherently damaging or that it will encourage sexual activity (Money, 1999; Roffman, 2001).They discuss what sexuality education (if any) they received from their parents/primary caregivers, what (if anything) they would like to do the same for their children, and what they would like to do differently.This activity helps participants begin to develop a positive vision of how they see themselves as sexuality educators for their children.From the moment they are born, infants are learning about their bodies, learning how to love and who to trust.In other words, they are learning about sexuality (Moglia & Knowles, 1997).

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All participants reported receiving some sort of unspoken message about sex.

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