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A rare invite to join them in a poker game provides Andy's coworkers with both fodder for jokes and a unifying mission when they find out that Andy is "The 40 Year-Old Virgin." "The Wedding Crashers" may have the bigger names, but "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" is the better film.Working from one of Steve Carell's old Second City sketches, the star and "Freaks and Geeks" producer/writer Judd Apatow (making his feature directorial debut) pack their film with plenty of raunch, but never at the expense of the film's generous heart.It is also a sweet movie that does not play the obvious litany of fart jokes and toilet humor.It does deal with various concepts like self-aggrandizing sex, infidelity, gay bashing, pot smoking, dirty language and the “fear of flying” but always in a funny, strangely honest way.

The car ride is one for the books and, as absurd as it seems, smacks of nutty realism.

He’s an older naïf who has consciously eschewed the pursuit of sexual gratification after being freaked out by his youthful encounters with members of the opposite sex.

When his newly minted friends at the Smart Tech store learn of his affliction, Dave, Jay and Cal decide that they must end Andy’s self-imposed celibacy.

She may well be “the one” but his nervousness over failure keeps Trish at arm’s length.

They mutually decide that sex should not enter the picture for an agreed upon 20 dates.

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When his extensive experience with online card playing makes him a winner, they relax a bit and the talk turns, of course, to sex.

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  1. "She's like, 'He's hot, but I would never even go there because he has a girlfriend, so you have to be respectful," Akhtar said. "She's kinda like the homie." "We worked together and we're just friends, it feels like it's that. I would want to be friends with her, I think," Jonas further explained.