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However, for those students who do have background in a foreign lan- guage (usually four or five semesters) there are programs designed to increase fluency in the language.

Jacquie Berger, junior in LAS, spent the summer at L'Universite Lavall in Quebec City, Canada.

"You have a weird feeling, like you're stripped of all oxy- gen, and when it's over you just melt/'said Sapinski.

"You think you're never going to finish," said Simon Paca, senior, "and even when you think you're finished, you're not because there's always something you can im- prove." "It's the scare factor that keeps you up all night," said Mark Trost, senior.

AFTER ENROLLING IN THE PRO- GRAM, each student is paired with a sponsor, who treats the intern as a profes- sional.

(S\ photo by Lisa Shapiro Architecture builds a future "Sleep is optional." That is the credo of most of the univer- sity's architecture students.

Once the semester gets rolling, the lights are on 24 hours a day in the studios in Flagg and Noble Halls.

They are not up all night because they are procrastina- tors.

"When you look at a proj- ect, you think it will take a day or two, then you have to multi- ply that estimate by four," said Paca. Trost said he decided to be an architect in fourth grade, but is not sure why.

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Despite their enthusiasm, most students will bury their dreams of seeing Buckingham Palace in the moonlight or waking up to freshly baked croissants in Paris.

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