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In order to prevent two or more translators from working on the same language at the same time, it is therefore very important that you make an entry in the localization plan when you begin work on a translation. Although not essential, we recommend that you also join the Omega T localizers' mailing list (also known as "Om T-l10n"). The full package contains the user manual, the instant start manual, the user interface resource bundle and the readme file.

The minimal package contains the same files as the full package, except for the main user manual.

If you used Omega T or another CAT tool for the work, please also upload your translation memory (TMX file) to the translation memory repository in the online user group.

To produce a screenshot, launch Omega T and create a suitable screen for a screenshot, such as the "Create new project" dialog showing typical paths. Deliver your file to the localization co-ordinator, who will pass it on to the development team for inclusion in the next release of Omega T (user interface and documentation) or upload it to the website (website pages).To translate the latter in Omega T, you must register the extension with the HTML and XHTML filter as follows: Options Then enter "*.php" in the "Source Filename Pattern" column.Finally, there is the Beginner's Tutorial, available here. There may be older versions of the documentation and/or translation memories (TMX files) available for your language which are useful to your translation.You do not have to translate a complete package; you can, for instance, translate just the user interface (, or just the instant start tutorial.If you wish to translate the Omega T web pages, download the website localization package. If you prefer to translate from a different language into which Omega T has already been localized, please contact the Omega T webmaster.) Localizations of the Omega T user interface and documentation are generally updated in step with new releases of Omega T. The Omega T website includes files in HTML and, as of 2011, PHP format.

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